Dear Friends,
Very soon we’ll have the opportunity to see each other again on the occasion of a Spring meeting of the ILYM Continuing Committee, Saturday March 6th. I and my meeting here in Columbia, Missouri, take particular pleasure in welcoming you here, and hope as many as possible may be able to stay over and join us in worship on First Day.
A message has already gone out requesting RSVP if you’re coming and would like overnight accommodation, child care, and/or to meet your bus or train. (MegaBus is very reliable coming here from Chicago, and Amtrak has a through train to nearby Jefferson City.) Please contact us immediately if you’d like any of that and haven’t let us know already.
I would like to know specifically from each committee clerk what report you may be bringing, and especially what action items you will propose. We have found that it very much helps our Recording Clerk to have documents a full week ahead of time; this allows a more accurate summary of proposed business to go into the minutes. Please send documents directly to pamelajkuhnATyahooDOTcom and I would welcome a copy as well, c/o dfinkeATilandDOTnet.
Coffee and donuts will be ready at 9:30 a.m. We expect to settle into worship at 10:00 to seek Divine Guidance as we process our business. We usually conclude somewhere between 4 and 5 p.m. Much has happened regarding our newly-acquired property since we last met. We will hear from several bodies about where we are and what directions might be discerned all in preparation for more final decisions to be made at Annual Sessions in June. Some documents may be electronically circulated before we arrive. If you know folks in your Meeting expecting to attend who are without e-mail, please share with them.
Columbia Friends will provide lunch, for which we’ll have a basket for contributions to cover modest costs. Those staying over will have breakfast with their hosts. Some Friends may make plans for a dinner outing on Saturday. Refreshments are always served at the rise of Meeting on Sunday, should you be able to be with us that long.
Finding the Meetinghouse by car is relatively easy, if you’re coming into Columbia via I-70. links to specific instructions on our website, The Meetinghouse phone (covered after 9 a.m. Saturday) is: 573-474-1827, which also has driving instructions. We hope Friends are riding together as much as possible — a lot more fun that way.
Remember that ALL Friends in ILYM may participate. But if you’re unable to join us, please hold our work in your hearts, lifting it all up to God’s Light, that we may gather in grace, patience, and wisdom.

Hoping to see you soon,

David H. Finke, presiding clerk.

Committee Reports:

ad hoc committee
Environmental Concerns
F.U.N. Program
Ministry and Advancement
Maintenance and Planning & Stewards
Peace Resources
Site Envisioning and Development
Treasurer's report p.1 Balance Sheet
Treasurer's report p.2 Net Assets - Income/Expense
Treasurer's report p.3 Budget-Actual Overview
Treasurer's report p.4 Budget-Actual Details
Mills Expenses July 2009 to March 25 2010
Finance: addition to IYM annual session planning logs
    Finance Committee Reminder: Committee clerks should develop next fiscal year budget requests during April. Please review:
    Budgeting manual
    Budgeting calendar
    Budgeting worksheet