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Read the St. Louis Monthly Meeting's Declaration of Peace in a choice of languages
View an Opt Out PDF document that describes military access to high school student information and how to ask your high school to withhold information from military recruiters.
See this PDF bibliography of peacemaking resources.
In Richmond, Indiana in 1948 a called meeting created Advices on Conscription and War, and in 1968 these were reaffirmed and a Declaration on the Draft and Conscription was published. These works have stood the test of time and remain useful guides today.

Web Resources

Conscientious Objection, Center on Conscience & War – formerly NISBCO, Central Committee for Conscientious Objection - CCCO, Brethren Peace Witness

Peace & Nonviolence Training; Research, Mennonite Peace Center, Lombard, IL: Mediation skills, Here I Stand Clinics, Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research, SoulForce - The Power of Nonviolence, Pax Christi USA: peacemaking, nonviolence, global restitution

Civic Action

www.ProgressiveSecretary.Org, Electronic letter-writing collective, Project Vote Smart (candidates, issues, and contacts), National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, Creation of a Department of Peace

Youth, AFSC Youth & Militarism pages, including registration & CO, Young Friends in Northwest Yearly Meeting, to know and think about conscientious objection

Active Military & Veterans, GI Rights Hotline & GI Rights Network - Fayetteville, NC: case studies on conscientious objection counseling with GIs; newsletters; updates, Vets, Gulf War, chem/bio/radiation exposure, Iraq, Vets opposed to war in Iraq, Viet Nam Veterans Against the War, Iraq Veterans Against the War

Peace Link Collections, Resources for peace - links page, Ideas and inspirations for withdrawing consent; action alerts, formerly The Nonviolence Web

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