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Addresses to Illinois Yearly Meeting

In addition to the Plummer Lectures, the talks given at Illinois Yearly Meeting annual sessions or other gatherings are sometimes made available via audio recording or transcript. Though these talks are not a part of ILYM's formal publications program, we link them here with the permission of the authors so that you might enjoy them, whether or not you could be present when they were delivered.

Lucy Duncan, Walking to Heaven, Following the River: A Call to Faithfulness, July 25, 2007

Chuck Fager, A Quaker Declaration of War, July 30, 2003 — You can order a VHS or DVD video of this address from QuakerBooks.org. At the QuakerBooks site, enter Fager in the search box to find the listings.

Elizabeth Gates, By Love: Gathered, Transformed, Sent, July 2005

Joanna Hoyt, Being Freed Into and Through Simplicity, June 20, 2009

Ken and Katharine Jacobsen, Living Together by Love: Choice and Practice, June 21, 2008

Paul Lacey, Answering that of God, July, 2007

Janet Means, Elder: Spiritual Nurturer, Safe Keeper of the Meeting for Worship, Door Opener for the Spirit, 1999

Christopher Sammond, July 31, 2004

Carolyn W. Treadway, Awakening Our Power, keynote July 31, 1985

Lloyd Lee Wilson, Gathered with One Accord, July 26, 2001 (or click here for HTML version)

Brian C. Young, Whose Ministry of Reconciliation?, June 18, 2008

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