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Site Envisioning

In June 2010, the Site Envisioning and Development committees were returned to their earlier state as separate committees. Some of the information below was provided during the period in which they were combined.

Update 01/15/2010
The new site Visioning Workshop outcome and discussion are available for participation.

Update 03/11/2009
Latest Drawings, Info and layouts

These new drawings reflect some changes in the scope and direction from the preceding documents. Feel free to contact any of the SED committee members for further explanations if so desired.

electrical-2_2009.pdf (1.58 Mb)
fireprotection-2_2009.pdf (783.87 Kb)
mechanical-2_2009.pdf (501.17 Kb)
plumbing-2_2009.pdf (2.07 Mb)
siteplans-2_2009.pdf (1.66 Mb)
architectural-2_2009_pt1a.pdf (1.40 Mb)
architectural-2_2009_pt1b.pdf (825.16 Kb)
architectural-2_2009_pt2.pdf (1.46 Mb)
architectural-2_2009_pt3.pdf (1.53 Mb)
architectural-2_2009_pt4.pdf (1.95 Mb)
IYM Specs 2-20-09.pdf (43.56 Kb)
IYM Addenda1 2-23-09.pdf (7.91 Kb)

The Vision as presented by the SED to/from the wider body of ILYM.
These are presented here in PDF format which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

As our vision seasons many adjustments and changes have been forthcoming. With great excitement and anticipation IYM is proceeding on the path started several years ago towards the new building and associated development. At the 2008 Annual Session in McNabb many changes were brought together and approved. The resulting concepts and ideas are represented by the Vision statements available above and the drawings of the proposed facilities (available soon).

All the Docs are here: ILYM buildings and Layouts

After the 2004 annual sessions, there was a great deal of excitement about working toward new building projects at the McNabb campus. The ad hoc Program Committee, a subcommittee of the (then ad hoc) Site Envisioning and Building, was formed in autumn 2004 to help answer the question "What next?" The Program Committee initiated a Listening project eventually dubbbed the Dream Gathering. Monthly meetings and worship groups were visited by representatives who all asked the same queries and recorded the responses. Information gathered by these visits underwent further discernment at the Dream Fest of June, 2005 and again at a retreat in February, 2006.

The campus has been dramatically altered in support of these dreams. A section of property is now available for one or more new buildings.

On this page you will find reports and other materials showing the work involved with maintaining, preserving, restoring and augmenting the Illinois Yearly Meetinghouse site near McNabb, Illinois.

This link offers a scrapbook of photos recording the restoration of the Meetinghouse, the deconstruction of the dormitory, the moving of the Junior Yearly Meetinghouse, and the construction of sleep cabins on the campground.

This link is a 1.5mb PowerPoint presentation describing the needs and possible future for the ILYM Meetinghouse and the entire ILYM property. You must have a PowerPoint player to view this presentation.

These are older reference drawing, articles etc.

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