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ILYM Projects

Illinois Yearly Meeting is occasionally involved in projects and programs of an ongoing nature that may also generate Events or Articles. Current projects and programs:

  • Site Visioning is ongoing with a new workshop held in January 2010. Friends are invited to join in the online discussion about the uses of the ILYM property near McNabb, IL.

  • Yearly Meeting Planning: click for documents such as the Log Book, which includes the descriptions and checklists for the roles of volunteers in planning annual sessions. (Here is the 2008 Yearly Meeting preparation page.)

  • Property Improvement projects include the restoration of the historic yearly meetinghouse, the conversion of the former dormitory into six summer cabins, the relocation of the Junior Yearly Meetinghouse to serve as a high school bunkhouse, and long range planning for year round buildings at our McNabb, Illinois site — including a vision for a Peace House on the Prairie. This project is overseen by the Site Envisioning & Development committee.

  • ILYM Field Secretary: Ministry and Advancement oversees a part time Field Secretary staff position. The Field Secretary full job description is in the Handbook. In short, as a Friendly presence, the Field Secretary visits monthly meetings and worship groups, as much as possible giving higher priority to groups with immediate needs. During the visit, the Field Secretary may help a meeting assess its needs and identify its strengths. As a nurturing presence, the Field Secretary models good Quaker practice and demonstrates Quaker process.

  • Youth Programs offer fun and supportive activities for ILYM junior high and high school age Friends exploring their Quaker values. Check out the High School / Adult Young Friend Yahoo Group, and look for Illinois Yearly Meeting when you're on FaceBook or MySpace to find the ILYM youth presence.

  • Winter Retreat is our chance to gather for worship and friendship a half year from the summer sessions.

  • Women's Weekend is an annual gathering of ILYM women on the last weekend of April. Women aged 16 and up are welcome, as are infants and toddlers who are still nursing. The program is a retreat format with time to connect, worship, relax, play, and laugh.

  • Project Lakota promotes relations between Lakota people and F/friends. This will include supporting housing, land, tatankah (bison), ceremonies, and other appropriate activities at the Pine Ridge Reservation. This is a project of St. Louis Monthly Meeting, under care of a guidance and support committee. Contact them for latest reports and projects, and their Statement of Leading.

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