Modest alderman in Chicago

Author: Kent Busse

Chicago has some news worth sharing.

This is a link to the newspaper article about an alderman elected on (a) his grassroots involvement, (b) limitation of his own salary ($60,000 instead of $110,000), and (c) a promise to serve at most two terms. It is encouraging to see that modesty is sufficiently appealing to carry an election.

As we improve our interpersonal relationships at the local level, the growing circles of voter gentleness will come together to change the tone of the nation. By practicing modesty we inspire (and require) our leaders to be modest to keep up with our sensibilities.

Declaration of Life

One of the campaigns that ILYM PRC is bringing to a wider audience is to encourage personal expression through use of the anti-death penalty “Declaration of Life” wallet card.wallet-card_declaration-of-life2

In part, we as Friends “are opposed to capital punishment because it is contrary to the Divine law of love. The application of the death penalty is brutalizing and degrading to the public mind. It leaves no room for the reformation of character, which should be the principal aim of criminal law, nor for the revision of the sentence in the event of a miscarriage of justice.”

On our website we outline the history and motivation of Quaker work around the issue of the dealth penalty in more detail, and share some specific educational resources, but wanted to share this specific action here, as well.

To download the “Declaration of Life” wallet card, click here.