“How Do You See Peace?” is a new blog published by the Peace Resources Committee of Illinois Yearly Meeting, aiming to provide a forum for further discussion around the work of the committee.

The Peace Resources Committee of Illinois Yearly Meeting consists of 6-12 members appointed for 3 year terms to accomplish key objectives. This committee neither duplicates nor replaces the work done within monthly meetings, instead over time the hope is for a liaison relationship to develop between monthly meeting committees and this yearly meeting committee. The Nominating Committee has aimed to find members for the committee who are Friends with gifts, skills, knowledge and strong leadings regarding the objectives.

Illinois Yearly Meeting (ILYM) is a spiritual community of Quakers, also known as Friends. Though the individuals in this community attend some 21 affiliated local Meetings across four states, each summer the Meeting gathers in a retreat near McNabb, Illinois to worship together and to conduct the business of the community.

Check out the Summer 2011 issue of ILYM’s Among Friends for some fun facts about this blog.