First Day 2012

I’ve begun this New Year with a committment to five specific manifeststions of my Quaker Testimonies for 2012:

S. Simplicity.
I have taken a stand against unsolicited credit cards and offers of insurance by completing the opt-out process I discovered.  Learn more & consider joining me by reading about it here.

P. Peace.
I am enthusiastically continuing my service as clerk of ILYM Peace Resources Committee. Working on the projects and ideas manifest by this group of Friends is a strong commitment to my Peace Testimony.

I. Integrity.
I will work hard to stay in the moment and be true to my word.

C. Community.
I am committing to at least one shared meal a month, participating as fully as possible by providing a dish to share and being in sincere fellowship with f/Friends, tending to others both big & little, and helping to prepare and clean up the space.

E. Equality.
Inspired by my father’s loyal commitment, I am going to prioritize buying only fair trade/direct trade coffee for my home. I am also to financially contribute each month to 57th Street Meeting’s Coffee Fund which goes through the AFSC Coffee Project with Equal Exchange to acquire coffee for the Meeting.

What might your aspirations for 2012 include?

2 thoughts on “First Day 2012

  1. Seeking peace in all the daily actions is so often overlooked. I commend your style of peacemaking to all of us. No act is too small.

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