Active but not Writing… Until Now!

Author: Breeze Richardson

Dear Friends,
If you have subscribed to “How Do You See Peace?” or had regularly visited here upon our project launch, you know we have been pretty silent for the past year. Silent, at least, in this space. But it wasn’t intentional and as we’ve collaborated on other areas of our work as the Peace Resources Committee of Illinois Yearly Meeting, we’ve talked about “the blog” a lot. In the past month, I am happy to say we have collectively decided we want to come back to it.

For me personally, it’s two young children and a career that’s kept me away. I’ve thought so often about writing, wanting to share some experience or thought that I was hungry for a response to… what did other Friends think? …what words of encouragement were waiting for me? …what new insight could be right around the corner?

The thing that is most exciting about this project for me is the opportunity to share and reflect on peace in our daily lives today. There are so many moments where a choice is made to react, say, think, or do something that profoundly (albeit sometimes in a small way) impacts the way you see the world. If I can process those moments in my own life, and learn from others about theirs, I will have a unique opportunity to make different choices. I believe that. And with the Chicago summer at my doorstep, let the conversation begin again!

5 thoughts on “Active but not Writing… Until Now!

  1. Greetings! I am Dawn Rubbert, a Friend living in St. Louis, Missouri. I have served on the Peace Resources Committee (PRC) of Illinois Yearly Meeting (ILYM) since its inception. Have lost track of the number of years but at least 7 . . .

    I don’t usually visit blogs but plan to write here as I believe there is an interest out there in talking about peace – how to live peacefully, how to bring peace into communities, what is peace, etc.

    One of my favorite peacebuilding organizations is the Friends Peace Teams (FPT) and particularly the African Great Lakes Inititive (one of three projects of FPT) called AGLI (AG’-lee). Learn more at

    FPT works enables people to build peace in their own communities by providing skills that are desired and funds to do the work.

  2. Hi Michael! We look forward to having you back in the fold. Say hi to Ginny, in fact, give each other a hug from me. Will you be able to come to ILYM sessions?

  3. I’m Kent Busse, just starting my second year on PRC. The most sustaining part of the assignment IS THE PRC–the most encouraging collection of people I’ve found. The rest of my reasons for doing anything are on my website e-book (which needs a thorough rewrite).

  4. My name is Phyllis Reynolds. I have been on PRC for 3 years and am beginning another term. I am interested in how we pursue peace in our daily lives, in our neighborhoods, and in our families and meeting communities.

  5. I am Madelyn George, and brand new to PRC. This blog strikes me as an excellent way to maintain contact, momentum, and discussions across distances. It is already clear to me that the work of this committee involves a lot of depth of inquiry and consideration of so many issues.

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