Quaker Volunteer Service

Calling All Friends Seeking To Heed Their Calling

Throughout Quaker history Friends have challenged themselves to follow their leading as guided by Quaker testimonies – simplicity, peace, equality and community. George Fox issued the challenge when he asked of a Friend, “What canst thou say?” What, he wanted to know, was the Friend’s expression of faith based on his own experience and spiritual discernment?

And yet heeding such calls when they come rarely comes without sacrifice. Early Friends, when called to ministry, depended on others to support their families and help with their livelihoods. Such is the impetus of the Quaker Volunteer Service Committee, to assist Friends who seek to heed their calling.

The Quaker Volunteer Service Committee was organized with support from the 57th Street Meeting of Friends in Chicago and other Friends Meetings. The committee supports volunteers led by the Spirit to work full-time for peace, justice and community within a framework of Quaker spirituality.

Volunteers will work for at least one year with community-based organizations or in other service-based activities, doing peace and justice work and community-building. Emphasis is on work with the poor, oppressed and most at risk. Volunteers will work with the guidance and support from the Quaker Volunteer Service Committee and a liaison committee representing participating Quaker meetings.

The Quaker Volunteer Service Committee has arranged for volunteers to live in community in Quaker House, in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. Volunteers will have extensive opportunities to participate in the activities of 57th Street Meeting and in community efforts beyond their full-time assignment. Support for volunteers will include room and board, health insurance, a small living stipend, transportation to Chicago at the beginning of the year of service and back home at year’s end, local transportation costs, as well as orientation to the city.

The Quaker Volunteer Service Committee will provide all needed support in arranging placements consistent with the volunteers’ leadings, as well as connections with other volunteers, activists and community and educational resources.

For further information, you can contact QVSC@quakervolunteers.org.