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Fun Facts about the Peace Resources Committee Blog

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Breeze Richardson, Clerk, Peace Resources Committee


Curious about whether Friends were coming to  the Peace Resources Committee (PCR) blog, I recently logged in to check the stats on how many views and comments had been made to the website. I thought it might be fun (and encouraging) to learn about who is coming over for our online potluck dinner.  I say “potluck dinner” because as there are various diverse and relevant conversations going on at any given time during a typical meal at your meetinghouse, so too are there on the PRC blog, How Do You See Peace?  If the blog is considered a virtual version of a potluck dinner, then you can think of each view of the blog as someone tuning into the conversation at hand (perhaps while assisting a younger Friend with preparing a plate or standing at the sink washing a dish or as they take a seat at your table, smiling as they sit down). One person may read a blog entry just once.  Another may come back a few times to read a bit more or read again (or share with someone else). I think of someone reading a blog entry to be like a person joining the potluck, perhaps just to sit silently but attending and present and listening and part of those gathered all the same. The statistics of  views and comments help the committee to see how many people are listening and how many people are joining the conversation.  Peace Resources Committee is so excited to see that we have people tuning in.  Here are some fun facts:

Fun Fact #1: There is a blog called Quaker Blogs produced by Susie from Umpqua Valley Worship Group at where links have been made to each of the blog’s recent postings. In the past 30 days, 23 views have come from that site to read the PRC blog. Susie is a Friend who is liking what she reads, so she is sharing these posts with others.  Just like bringing up something you heard from a friend in a separate conversation.  Since the PRC blog has started, there have been 167 referrals come from Quaker Blogs, 58 come from Facebook, 33 come from, and 17 come from Not only did these people enjoy what they read, they recommended others read these writings, too.  We fed many people.

Fun Fact #2: There were 122 views on the busiest day (September 16, 2010). There have been 5,446 views since launched, and 133 views in the last week of July 2011. Can you imagine the conversations you would have with these people if everone gathered in person for a potluck today? There were 69 visitors at the blog on Monday, July 26, 2011.  What if all of them were were actually gathered together to share recent thoughts and ask questions of guidance from others whose ideas might spark something new?  To date, the blog has had 121 comments made on 43 posts. So for every statement made, there have been on average 2.8 replies.  And when you put this all together, that means roughly that for every 45 visits (visitors) one perosn leaves a comment (joins the conversation) which is really great and a number we can watch over time to see if more people coming means more people joining the conversation or if we should say more to encourage everyone to share their thoughts.

Fun Fact #3. During July 2011, people have been exploring these topics:

  • Does standing on the corner holding a sign matter? - 113 views
  • What does patriotism mean to you? - 65 views
  • Finding my way: reading historical texts for present day meaning - 53 views
  • An Ecumenical Call to Just Peace - 23 views

Friends are gathering for conversations. This is wonderful. Thank you to everyone in Illinois Yearly Meeting (and beyond) for your willingness to experiment with building community this way. Let’s keep practicing. Please consider commenting on another Friends’ writings. If members of the Peace Resources Committee were really coming to your meeting for a potluck, I might bring some olive bread (from Medici Bakery over on 57th Street).  What might you bring? What story or idea would you share after hearing David speak of patriotism, or hear Michael's examples on faith and practice, or learn of Howard Brinton’s writings on the nature of Quakerism?

I hope each of you are having a wonderful summer—and enjoyed these fun facts (as an analytical presentation) from me, presiding clerk of Illinois Yearly Meeting Peace Resources Committee. Come visit the blog at