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Standing Committees



Continuing Committee

The work of the Yearly Meeting continues beyond annual sessions.  The Continuing Committee meets in the spring and fall to further the decisions made at the summer gathering. All ILYM Friends are welcome to attend; representatives from committees and monthly meetings are expected. 




Offers opportunities for supporting the vision for growth of Illinois Yearly Meeting.



Environmental Concerns

Friends involved in earthcare witness, including studying sustainability for new buildings at the ILYM campus near McNabb.  Further information and documents are on the Environmental Concerns Committee page.



Faith & Practice

Develops the Illinois Yearly Meeting Faith & Practice. Process and rationale for the development process is available on the Faith & Practice Committee page.




Oversees yearly meeting income, expenses, savings and budget; files legal forms pertaining to the financial structure of the ILYM organization; and serves as a planning resource for other ILYM committees.




Oversees the updating of our documented processes and procedures.



Maintenance & Planning

Oversees the health of the Yearly Meeting site. Further information and documents are on the Maintenance & Planning page.



Ministry & Advancement

Nurtures the life of Illinois Yearly Meeting. Overees the Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Policy. Oversees the Field Secretary.

  • ILYM Field Secretary:  As a Friendly presence, the Field Secretary visits monthly meetings and worship groups, as much as possible giving higher priority to groups with immediate needs. During the visit, the Field Secretary may help a meeting assess its needs and identify its strengths. As a nurturing presence, the Field Secretary models good Quaker practice and demonstrates Quaker process. A part time staff position, full job description is in the Handbook.


Further information and documents are on the Ministry & Advancement page.




Discerns gifts and leadings of Friends serving on yearly meeting committees.



Oversight for Administrative Coordinator

Serves as personnel liaison for Administrative Coordinator.



Peace Resources

Assists with Friends' discernment of their relationship to the Peace Testimony and develops peace, non-violence and conflict resolution resources for Friends and the wider public. Also a resource for Conscientious Objection, Military Counseling, and Counter-recruitment information. Further information is on the Peace Resources Committee page.



Peace Tax Fund Oversight

Manages the Peace Tax Fund.




Committee formed starting 2009-2010 to help coordinate the oversight roles for Administrative Coordinator, Field Secretary and Youth Coordinator.



Oversees paper and electronic publication of Minute Books, Among Friends, Plummer Lectures, and other addresses; oversees the web site. See the publications page for a full list.



Religious Education

Networks Adult RE and First Day School resources for monthly meetings. Further information is on the Religious Education page.



Site Envisioning

Discerns future development of the yearly meeting campus. Further information and documents are on the Site Envisioning page.



Youth Oversight

Coordinates the High School and some Junior High programs year round. Oversight for the Youth Coordinator. For further information see the Youth Oversight page.



Ad hoc Committees


Ad hoc committee on the Mills property

Clearinghouse for committee and steward information about the new property.  There is a continuing online discussion group that has developed out of the Visioning workshop to imagine uses of the new property.


Quaker Volunteer Service, Training & Witness

Encourages and supports Quaker volunteers.

  • There is a unique opportunity available in Chicago that aims to support volunteers led by the Spirit to work full-time for peace, justice and community within a framework of Quaker spirituality, arranged by the Quaker Volunteer Service Committee.  Further information is available on the Quaker Volunteer Service: Chicago website.




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