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This year, those who are Adult Young Friends (18-35 years old) are able to reduce their registration fees for Annual Sessions. If an AYFer works any day of Site Prep, they get half off their registration fees for Annual Sessions. For questions, post on the ILYM AYF facebook event page or email AYF co-clerps Brittany and Rose at


Annual Sessions Site Prep (June 17-21)
Come early to Annual Sessions and find out what fun it can be to work towards a common cause with a great bunch of people.  Be a part of transforming 12 acres of land into a most useful site for hundreds of people. Join others in cleaning, organizing, and getting the campus ready. Meals are provide and start with Saturday lunch and end with Wednesday lunch. Cooking for site prep will be done by Monica Tetzlaff.  Free housing is available as well for those doing site prep. You have a choice of bringing your own tent, staying in the cabins, or bedding down in Clear Creek House.  If you will be attending site prep, please send a message to (contact name and phone number will be forthcoming). Please include your lodging preferences, what meals you will be eating, and if you have any special dietary needs.



The Adult Young Friends community belonging to Illinois Yearly Meetings is a changing and transient body of Quakers united by their desire to build community with other young Quakers within the larger body of the meeting. The AYF community are members between the ages of 18 and 35 and live all over Illinois and beyond.

Because our demographic is one that frequently involves moving, the community can be a difficult meeting to gather. Despite this, the ILYM AYF community has committed to holding potlucks every month or as often as possible to provide a space to build community and nurture each other spiritually and in friendship. These potlucks are open to all people and not exclusively to Quakers. If you are interested in attending a potluck, please contact either of the AYF clerks listed on this website.


Brittany and Rose, Co-clerps,


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Next events:

ILYM Site Prep:

(We will prep the AYF tent and join the site prep)
June 17 to 21, 2017 at ILYM Campus (
14365 N. 350 Ave.,
McNabb, IL, 61335

ILYM Annual Sessions:
June 21 to 25, 2017 at ILYM Campus
14365 N. 350 Ave.,
McNabb, IL, 61335



We are interested in helping folks hosting a potluck at least quarterly.
If you'd like to host a potluck, send us an email or post on the facebook page. We'll help you plan it!



Typical Calendar:


Adult Young Friends Past Epistles

Below are files of epistles created by the AYF community during the Illinois Yearly Meeting Annual Sessions.

Please contact co-clerks if you would like to share any AYF epistles that are not listed. 

ILYM AYF info pamphlet965.4 KB


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