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Maintenance & Planning Committee

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Maintenance &Planning To Do List (as of 05/13/17)

Spring Workday is canceled for 5/20/17 due to rain.

To add items on to this list or to report completion of listed items please send a message to Maintenance & Planning via the contact form.



  • Replace rotten lowest board exterior southwest corner.
  • Hire someone to pressure wash the north and west sides for mildew on paint.
  • Move folding tables from bathrooms hall to under coat rack just inside the door. 
  • Remove raccoon poop right outside ramp door on the right.


  • Find, buy, install range hood.

  • Would it be useful to redesign front stairs to dining hall so that they are to code with a wider run? They might have to extend further into the dining room.

  • Ask Wil to laminate instructions signs for kitchen; the paper signs have mildewed.
  • Sand and paint the flat surfaces of the island shelving. Need sandpaper and gloss paint. It might be oil based.
  • Call Zack Schobernd to see if ILYM needs to buy anything else for kitchen this year. Ask if he needs for ILYM to buy a new roaster to replace old broken one.

Junior Yearly Meetinghouse:

  • Repair or replace windows. Many broken panes are caused by the worn window frames no longer supporting the glass. Windows don't open/shut easily or without coming apart. Two windows on south wall need to be closed at the top.

  • Put the A/C unit that we managed to take out for winter back in windows.

  • Center room smoke detector battery is beeping (again). 

  • Repair doors that do not latch because their weather stripping is too thick.

Penn House:

  • Remove old carpet and put in dumpster during Sessions. Is the old carpet here for a reason?

  • Is there a better use for this building? It has electricity. Could it be fixed up as a cabin for those with CPAP machines?

Fox Hole: 

  • Replace hinges and rehang double doors on east side of building. Doors have fallen off completely.

Clear Creek House Storage Shed (Chicken House):

  • Bolt down east wall so east door will open, shut, and latch.

Clear Creek House:

  • Call/text Mic, plaster repair person, to repair CCHouse plaster. Save pieces of plaster on a piece of paper to use as paint chips to have the right color paint.
  • Basement: remove the old water pump sump pump and throw out. 
  • Remove any wood sitting on the floor.
  • Take squeegee from CCH basement to meetinghouse basement. 
  • Wipe the dehumidifier clean.
  • Buy whole house water filters and replace whole house filters on the water treatment/ filtration system. Call Paul Ebener for instructions on how to do this. 
  • Get estimate from Grazzer's to extend the main baffle for CCH furnace ductwork to increase effectiveness of heating and cooling system of CCH 2nd floor. Also ask them to repair the loud boom sound that happens every time furnace kicks off. Sounds like ductwork is not tightly attached to furnace. 

Clear Creek Garage:

  • Repair or replace electric garage door opener.

  • Would it be more economical to house guests needing wheelchair accessible facilities in a local hotel and pay their bill for them rather than rehabbing the garage to make two apartments?
  • Remove discarded junk from garage and dispose of (offsite or in dumpster at Sessions).


  • Clean out, remove containers, recycle plastic 5 gal buckets - far west barn by silos. Call Marshall Brennan to see if he will haul for us again. This time we should pay him.  He will take scrap metal as well as hazardous wastes and agricultural chemicals.



  • Swingset: check S hooks, chains, and everything else for safety and durability.

  • Pick up brush and branches and take to brush pile. Saw downed trees into moveable chunks.

  • Remove little cedars near peace pole at Clear Creek House.





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