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2017 Annual Sessions

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Open Hearts

2017 Annual Sessions will held June 21-25 on the ILYM campus outside McNabb, IL



The 2017 theme is Open Hearts. The phrase “open hearts” can mean many different things. It can imply coming home to an accepting community. It can be an exhortation to ourselves to learn and listen to others, or an exhortation to minister to the needs of others. African-American activist Howard Thurman writes in a Pendle Hill Pamphlet, “Love demands that we expose ourselves at our most vulnerable point by keeping the heart open.”

Come to Illinois Yearly Meeting’s Annual Sessions to explore the question “How does the Light relate to Open Hearts?” Come to an accepting community of Friends to continue worship in a historic 19th century meetinghouse. Come to let yourself be opened to new ways. Come to learn what it is like to live among farmlands that surround us, to work with veterans, to commune with all branches of Friends. Come to consider how you may be led in new directions when you are back out in the world and in your home meeting.

Early Quaker Margaret Fell Fox asked that “[t]he Lord God Almighty open thy heart, and enlighten the eye of thy understanding, that thou mayest come to have unity with all the saints in light.” Come and be ready to have thy heart opened.


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