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ILYM is a spiritual community of Quakers, also known as the Religious Society of Friends. Though the individuals in this community attend some 21 affiliated local Meetings across four states, each summer the Meeting gathers in a retreat near McNabb, Illinois to worship together and to conduct the business of the community. This business includes issues related to lay ministry, religious education, the practice of faith, volunteer service, public witness, publications, Meetinghouse site improvement, and finances. The ILYM Meetinghouse is also the worship site for Clear Creek Friends, as well as for workshops, retreats and committee meetings.



2015 Annual Sessions

From Mystic Voice to Active Voice

Illinois Yearly Meeting 2015 Annual Sessions will be held June 24 to 28 on the ILYM campus near McNabb, IL.

We are called, both as individuals and as a community, to a direct relationship with God. This year's theme calls for us to explore that direct relationship, how we nurture it in ourselves, each other, and our meetings. How do we testify to our larger community? In what ways do we do this as individuals, as a meeting, as a larger group of Quakers? 


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Annual Sessions Site Prep

Sat, 06/20/2015 - 9:00am - Wed, 06/24/2015 - 1:00pm

Saturday June 20-Wednesday June 24 are the days set aside to organize the ILYM campus grounds and buildings in preparation for  Annual Sessions. Blue River Quarterly is responsible for organizing Site Prep this year, but ANYONE who wants to help out is most welcome to help. Come and enjoy the country, find out what fun it can be to work towards a common cause with a great bunch of people.  Be a part of transforming 12 acres of land into a most useful site for hundreds of people. This does not just happen.  It takes some dedicated workers to CLEAN, to ORGANIZE, to get the GROUNDS ready. All directions are printed out and easy to follow.  Meals will start with Saturday lunch and end with Wednesday lunch, after which the kitchen gets turned over to Zach for Annual Sessions cooking.  Heather Evert, a cook at The Garlic Press in Normal, will be doing the cooking for site prep.  She will be glad to accommodate your eating requirements, but she needs to know ahead of time what they are.  Also it will help the cooks if we have some idea of how many people will be there.  Do not say, “Well, one more won’t make any difference, I’ll just show up.”  While it is true that “one more” will not make a difference, BUT 10 “one mores” would.  Free housing available as well for those doing site prep.  You have a choice of bringing your own tent, staying in the cabins, or bedding down in Clear Creek House.

If you will be attending site prep, please send a response. Include what meals you will be eating and if you have any special dietary needs.


Winter 2015 Among Friends

The Purpose of the Yearly Meeting

Every so often, organizations are well advised to step back from their ongoing activities so they can contemplate what they are doing, why they exist. Illinois Yearly Meeting is no exception. After all, the heart of Quaker worship lies in its monthly meetings and worship groups. What, then, is the purpose of ILYM, or of any yearly meeting?

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Are We Kin: Some Thoughts about Anthropomorphizing

A dear friend traveled a thousand miles to join siblings and assorted grandchildren, who had never seen their little cousins before, to attend a family funeral. The grandkids immediately began to play together, and did so happily the entire weekend. She recalled lots of awkward play dates she had helped arrange, where the kids spent most of their time together just getting comfortable enough with each other to begin playing. My friend watched the little cousins getting along so famously so quickly and marveled, “They knew they were kin!” I remembered how important it was to me, in my mid-thirties, to meet for the first time my cousins on my father’s side of the family. I was so excited to discover that certain aspects of my personality were family traits—I was not alone in the universe. There were others like me—I had kin.

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Finding Home in a Neighborhood and a Movement

Just over five years ago, I was sitting anxiously at a county tax sale auction—going up against a room full of people in an attempt to buy a home for a group of us who had pooled together our money. We had researched, settling on three abandoned houses in the neighborhood where the seven of us are renting, and where we would like to put down roots.

As the first home comes up, I bid for our group—but the bids rise quickly out of our range. The first house goes to a speculator from Dallas. Our luck is better with the next two houses, and we win both bids—eventually coming away with both—and for less than $10,000 total!

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On God Loves Uganda, Issues of Solidarity, and Gay Politics

The excellent documentary, God Loves Uganda, directed by Roger Ross Williams, is about Uganda as the epicenter of a U.S. fundamentalist Christian evangelical drive to convert all of Africa.  This campaign is led or inspired by people like the extremely homophobic Scott Lively, currently standing trial1 for crimes against humanity in a suit brought against him by the group Sexual Minorities Uganda. Men like Lively openly avow that their aim is to wipe homosexuality and homosexuals from the earth. As a result of such U.S. evangelicals working in collusion with conservative patriarchal forces in Uganda, the country’s legislators had drafted an anti-homosexuality bill, which guaranteed the death penalty for anyone convicted of what are defined as homosexual offenses.

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New Website

Welcome to the new ILYM website. We are transitioning from the old site.  Content from the old site can be accessed at http://www.ilym.org/tiki-index.php.





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